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The Small Things

It's always the little things in life

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They say that it's always the little things in life that make or break your day. That's what this community is for. Basically, all you post are the small details in life that you like/dislike or love/hate. Here's an example:

+I like refreshing Yahoo and seeing that I have mail
+I like the way my hair looks after toweling it half dry
+I like how the air smells after it rains
-I don't like the new locations of the Info and Add Buddy buttons for AIM
-I don't like forgetting why I came upstairs
+I like the feeling I get when I remember

Post as much or as little as you want, but try to stay active. Pretty much anything is acceptable, but please don't post anything extremely obscene or vulgar.  Things to post can range anywhere from how much you like the crispy part of sunny side up eggs to how much you dislike someone's shrill laughter. Please remember that this community is for posting small details. While you can post things that happen during your day, please refrain from doing too much of that. You do have a regular journal to post in after all.